People who use decorators are often too busy or don’t have the skill to do the work themselves – they need a professional. After years of working in an office, they have probably attained a certain level of seniority before they can even afford you. People like this expect a certain level of communication (no spelling mistakes, professional presentation). They become apprehensive when this is not the case. They need to trust you before they can employ you.

AppyQuote bridges that communication gap by bringing office-style quality to your written communication without you having to lift a finger. And it’s all in the details. Ever had a prospective client push back on your quote? Ask you to justify it? Or request a discount because they think you are just charging too much when you KNOW that’s not the case? Lack of detail of can lose you work. Detailed quotes will win you work.

Detailed quotes and clear communication show clients exactly what they are getting and increase their trust in your ability. Imagine you are a homeowner who has never picked up a paintbrush, and now you are being asked for £7,000 to paint the exterior of your home. Yet the quote is written on a post-it note, scrawled on the back of an envelope, sent via a text message or by a badly-spelt email.

You can understand why their level of trust plummets. As a professional decorator, you know the job is worth all the time and effort you are going to put in. But, if you don’t communicate that effectively to the client, it’s like being a car mechanic who lifts the bonnet, looks at the engine, sucks his teeth and says: “It’s gonna cost you.” Vagueness like this prompts the reaction: “What? Why? How much?” Back to the car mechanic comparison.

There might be a Kwik Fit around the corner where they are very clear on their pricing. Big brands like this might not be as competitively priced as the local small repair shop. They might not do such a good job. They might not be as customer focused. But the customer goes there anyway because they know exactly what they are paying for. Everything is clearly written out and itemised on headed paper. Trust is there, within the brand name and all their written communications. “I’ve always won jobs by having a comprehensive, simplified quote.

I think people want to know what they are spending their money on. I’ve learnt that the more you put into a quote – sanding down, priming, undercoat, two coats gloss – the more work you win. People think that the better you write, the better your work is going to be.” Carl Saxby, Saxby Decorating It all comes down to building trust. What if you are good with a paintbrush and bad at writing? Do what your client does, the one who’s probably never picked up a paintbrush in their life… give the job to someone who’s better at it than you are

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