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Showcase your company like never before. AppyQuote’s pre-written cover letter is the most detailed, professorial and well laid out document on the market. You get to build your own unique cover letter, choosing the tone of the language. This document has been proven to increase win ratios.
AppyQuote has teamed up with copywriters to offer you a bespoke cover letter personalised to your company. Choose from different descriptions  and custom build your cover letter with the kind of language or approach that suits your company.

Our cover letters include

  • Company Logo
  • Date
  • Company slogan
  • Before work has started
  • After work is completed

The cover letter, quotation and estimating document supplied with AppyQuote has all been written in extremely customer friendly language.

This feature in AppyQuote is all about making you stand out from the crowd. The cover letter coupled with the detailed specifications and terms & conditions are included as part of the package when you subscribe to AppyQuote. Your customers will love that you have bothered to spend the time to create such a detailed document.


Never ever send a misspelt, undetailed or 

unprofessional quotation or estimate to a customer again. 

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Our cover letters are available for a £150 one-off payment for you to enjoy for as long as you subscribe to our platform.


This cover letter is proven and has been used successfully for years in the founders trades business, greatly increasing their quote conversion rates and win ratios. AppyQuote now brings this business winning cover letter for you to use in your business for a small on-off payment.


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