In this article we will explore dyslexia and the problems associated with poor communication between the tradesperson and the homeowner. We will also discuss AppyQuote features that will help solve these issues.

Did you know?

Everyday thousands of tradespeople are failing to compile professional detailed quotations or estimates to win contracts. Hours are spent during evenings and weekends looking at jobs that won’t even necessarily win them the business. It’s time for a change.

The construction industry typically fails in its correct use of grammar and spelling when compiling quotations or estimates. AppyQuote is here to change that!

Basic quotations are sent out because of time restraints, in the form of emails, text messages, and one-page quotes in the hope of winning projects. This leads to low win ratios and problems on-site occurring through poor communication between customer and contractor. So why should a busy schedule, poor grammar and spelling get in the way of future great workmanship and the ability to grow your business? There’s an AppyQuote for that.

Did you also know?

1 in every 10 people in the UK has some degree of dyslexia.

Some of the difficulties involved with having dyslexia include: Problems with reading, taking notes, remembering numbers, names and details and problems with written work, such as spelling and writing.

We estimate that around 20,000 people within the construction industry could be dyslexic. Many may be unaware that there is a name for the difficulties that they experience on a daily basis. Added to that there are a large number of people within the UK construction industry who do not speak English as a first language.

Customers expect a certain level of communication, no spelling mistakes and professionally presented. A badly constructed quotation could be the difference between winning or losing the business.

The AppyQuote Solution

AppyQuote has teamed up with copywriters to solve these problems with tried and tested solutions for trade businesses.

Send Quotes that homeowners deserve and show the customer you care about their project and property
AppyQuote enables you to add pre-written specifications fast. It also allows you to add your own specifications, ready to use when you are quoting on site. Once set-up is complete several pages of documentation can be produced within minutes, all without typing anything. Our proposals are the most professional on the market, saving you time and giving you a business winning solution that you and your customers will love.

Download the app now for from either the App Store or for Android devices Google Play. Then simply sign up through the App and start winning work the professional way.